What’s happening in Physical Education in Term One!

The Foundation/Prep students are learning and exploring running through games! However their favourite game at the moment is the old fashioned game ‘Poison Ball’.

The Year One and Two students are enjoying learning more about the overarm throw through challenges and games.  They enjoyed the vortex throw as one of the activities.

The Year Three to Six students are trying to  improve on their previous  results in the last few years in all athletic events. This week we are focusing on Discus.

Please look at the attached videos and sheet to help. Are you practising at home?

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Eastern Metropolitan Region Finals Volleyball

Congratulations to our Volleyball team who made it through to the finals having played on November 4th at the State Volleyball Centre. They did us proud winning two out of the three games played. Whilst we did not qualify for the grand final we showed great teamwork, commitment and positivity. It was a wonderful opportunity for the students to  experience qualifying and playing at this level.

A special thank you to Amber for being my assistant coach, Lisa for her help on the day and to Tanya McCall, Gabe Kinsman and Sasha O’Neil for transporting and supporting our students. Finally thank you to the team members who showed such responsibility within the team and for performing their best. Well done!      


Maroondah Division Volleyball Grand Final


Congratulations to our volleyball team who have progressed through to the Eastern Metropolitan Region Finals to be held on November 4th at the State Volleyball Centre.

We played Holy Spirit Primary who demonstrated great sportsmanship and who were more than happy to play a friendly third set.

Our win in two sets made us the Maroondah Division Volleyball Champions. Well done everyone.


Volleyball – Maroondah Division Preliminary Final

Congratulations to the year  5/6 students  who competed in the Division Preliminary Final playing against Park Orchards Primary. We won in a close game with teamwork and skills  guiding us through.   It was amazing to see the support the students had for each other.  They now play in the Division Grand Final this Friday at our school. We wish them the very best.


Please come and watch us play during lunch time and cheer us on!

Swimming Schedule 2016


Year/Class Groups Break Pick up time from school Duration of lesson Pick up time from pool back to school
5/6 CE & NF 10.25 to 10.55




11.00 11.30-12.15 12.40
1/2 LL & 5/6 GB Normal recess 11.45 12.15 -1.00 1.20
3/4 AC & 1/2MJ 12.20 Snack 12.30 1.00-1.45 2.10
Prep  & 3/4 JH 12.45


1.15 1.45-2.30 2.50

Division Athletics Competition


We would like to congratulate three of our year 5/6 students who competed yesterday in the Maroondah/Manningham Division Athletics competition at Nunawading Athletics Track.  Their performances were fantastic and they truly did their personal best.

Also the two girls now go through to the next level which is the Eastern Metropolitan Region level. Wishing you all the best next week!

Volleyball Play-Off

As of last Wednesday I was informed that to play in the State Volleyball Finals on November 4th, the winner of the Maroondah Division which we are a part of, must be determined beforehand.

Thus we will be playing in the Division Preliminary Final on Monday 17th October at Park Orchards Primary at 1-3pm.  Based on the result of this game the Division Grand Final would be played the week after.

Training has already began and I encourage the students to practise the skills listed below over the holidays!



District Athletics 2016

On Wednesday 31st August, thirty four of our year three to six students competed in the District Athletics at Nunawading Athletics Track.  The students put into practise the skills they learnt earlier in the year and did so with great effort and sportsmanship. We were proud of all of our students for trying their best.

A special congratulations to three of our students, Rhys , Lucy and Elise  who finished first in their events and will now progress through to the Division Athletics on October 6th.

Some of the feedback from the day included:
Alysha- it was fun / we need to do more training

Jaz- we didn’t come last and everyone did their best

Joel- we did good overall and I am proud of myself and everyone who did the 1500m because it was difficult.

Olivia- it was good to see everyone have a go

Sophie- I needed to pack more lunch

Charli- I enjoyed it and all the other schools were polite

Jayde- it was good we didn’t come last and it was fun and I like sport

Bonnie- I am happy I got my first ribbon ever in tunnel ball

Thomas- I like how in the 4x100m how we came second?

Jay- we showed great sportsmanship and made a good effort.




Hoop Time Basketball 2016 Years 3-6

Hoop Time 2016

On Friday the 12th August and 19th August, the Year Three to Six students competed in the Hoop Time Competition at Kilsyth Basketball Stadium. It was a fantastic opportunity for all students to be involved a competition and participate in a sport they might not have played before. All students should be congratulated for representing St Richard’s Primary School with great sportsmanship throughout the day.

Feedback about the day:

Jesse: We went well but we would like more people in our team.

Alfie: We won two games and it was really good. It was a bit disappointing that some teams didn’t follow the rules and we were at a disadvantage.

Ruby: It was hard to play against better teams but fun to play.

Josh: Our team was good but we took too many risky shots.

Meaghan: I liked the opportunity to be able to play basketball because it was fun.

Patrick: I really liked the day and it was great fun. Our team kept trying for the sick trick shots so we didn’t get enough goals to win some of the games.

Matilda: I liked how the umpires were fair.

Joel: Our team played really well and we showed great sportsmanship but I think we didn’t pass as much as we should have.

Jayde: It was really fun but maybe everyone should have passed the ball around instead of going for shots.

This event would not have been possible without the assistance of parents, fellow staff and the students themselves.  I sincerely thank all of you for your help either in coaching, walking/driving to and from the venue, scoring, obtaining uniforms and/or moral support. It truly was a team effort and ensured that the day was an enjoyable one for all.



Gymnastics Ideas

In Physical Education we are working in teams to promote respect and responsibility.   They have been given opportunities to do this in soccer, badminton and now gymnastics.  In their groups they have to put a shape, balance, jump and rotation activity into a sequence to demonstrate their journey of how they have worked together.

With the year 5/6 students they will need add two shapes, balances, jumps and rotations.  These  clips may assist with ideas. Also please do not attempt handstands at this stage.

Enjoy being creative and active!

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